The Enchantment of Words

Words form the center of our existence – from the ‘first word’ spoken by a baby, to the ‘last words’ of a dying man! Why then should we lose out on the several billions of words that we speak during the course of our lives?

 Words have the potential to enchant and enthrall, or leave your audience flabbergasted!

 Silence is golden, and actions speak louder than words; YET, words tingle each of the five senses that form the center of human existence. From the ‘scintillating aroma’ of ‘scrumptious’ food, to the ‘visual pleasure’ that it can create when you witness the allure of a sunset. The masterpieces of a wordsmith can compete with Leopold or da Vinci.

Winston Churchill, expressing his fondness for words remarked, ‘Words are the only things that last forever’. So true!

Let’s endeavor to make our words potent and impactful!

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