Spring Camp Starts 21st March

Explore the world of science, technology, engineering, and math through stimulating projects.

Get your child to explore various STEM activities ranging from Robotics & Coding, Game design, Mechanics, Pneumatics to Architecture design, as they don a new hat every day at our exciting spring camp.

Sundays : Robotics and Coding

Participants comprehend robotic locomotion and sensor behavior – they apply the Engineering Design Process to plan, create and code their own builds in accordance with the thematic challenge.

Mondays : Mechanics

Your child works with a variety of mechanisms, including multiple gears to comprehend how these interact to generate motion. They experiment and work with motors and gears to power a gear racer!

Tuesdays : Game Design

Participants understand the elements of a good game as they create, design and code a game using age-appropriate software platforms.

Wednesdays : Pneumatics

Young learners understand the concept of air pressure and how it is used in various everyday machines. They build a pneumatics driven project making concepts come to life.

Thursdays : Architecture Design

A workshop that exposes your child to the importance of symmetry (or lack of it), balance, emphasis and rhythm of a structure. Kids plan, design and create simple structures using a variety of material including 3-doodlers.


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