Project Description

The Literacy Hub

Literacy Hub : English Program Primary & Middle School

At Logix Engine the objective of an English Language program is to generate an appreciation of the language and to enhance its usage in written and spoken forms. 

The Literacy Hub looks at the English Language across the 4 strands of language arts: 

Grammar & Mechanics 

Grammar defines the structure of the written language, and mechanics aids with the rules that govern this structure. Learning grammar rules and the mechanics of the written language form important components of the program. 


‘Few activities are as delightful as learning new vocabulary.’ – Tim Gunn 

At Literacy Hub, we use both implicit and explicit techniques to enhance vocabulary, as your child delves into the magic of words, weaving them together into compositions. 

Reading Proficiency 

We ignite your child’s creative thinking and enhance their understanding through the time tested and proven reading strategies that form a part of the Literacy Hub.  

Writing Proficiency 

Our Literary writing program equips students with the power to express – across genres, and poetry and prose. The idea is to lend wings to your child’s creativity and equip them with the tools to articulate. 

Overall language proficiency is known to develop  interpersonal and academic skills, and sets the foundations of other subjects at middle and high school level.

“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.”

Ludwig Wittgenstein


Focus on English Language Skills that Align to your Curriculum

Literacy Hub, as a program, focuses on the development of core English skills for students studying in Years 1 through 8 under the GCSE, IB, CBSE and ICSE curricula. We aim to nurture the linguistic skills of every child, fostering an environment where they can express themselves creatively.

Follow the SPRING Methodology

At Literacy Hub, we practice the SPRING methodology (S-Spelling, P-Punctuation, RIN-Writing, G-Grammar) with a focus on the progression of the basic grammar skills of a child. This improves the academic English skills and leads to advancement in their creative writing abilities.

Develop both written and spoken english

The program is developed with a three-fold emphasis on the comprehension, recitation and listening skills, all of which are an integral part in the overall development of communication.

Monthly Progressive Diagnostic

Young learners commence their journey on the English program with a Diagnostic Test to ascertain their English proficiency levels. This continues as a monthly diagnostic which constantly benchmarks your child’s progress highlighting new skills learnt. The work schedule includes a diagnostic every month, apart from the Concept and Practice sessions.

Other Details

Duration 60 Minutes
Session 2/Week
Grade 1 – 8


Ask us a question about the program, or let us know what you are interested in. We will revert to you as soon as possible.